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C6 - How do I use Easy Fix to restore my computer?

John L
posted this on June 27, 2013, 12:22 PM

Applies to Product(s):

  • C6

Applies to Operating System(s):

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8


The Clickfree C6's Easy Fix feature allows you to perform a complete re-image of your computer's internal hard drives in the event your computer is no longer able to boot up, or if you've replaced the hard drive that has the operating system installed on it. To use the Easy Fix feature requires the computer to boot up outside of the Windows operating system, and from the Clickfree C6 itself. The Clickfree C6 contains a version of the Linux operating system that contains the Easy Fix application. This allows for critical system files to be copied/erased that would normally be in use by the operating system.


Booting from the Clickfree C6

  1. Turn the computer ON
  2. Pay attention to the startup screen that displays info about the computer
  3. Look for the words: Boot Menu, which is sometimes referred to as Boot Order
  4. Press the corresponding key to enter the Boot Menu
    • Since each computer manufacturer implements this menu differently, the key will vary. Consult your computer manufacturer if you're unable to enter the boot menu
  5. Once the boot menu appears, use the directional keys to navigate through the menu. Press the Enter key to make a selection. The Clickfree C6 may appear as USB CD-ROM, USB HDD, USB Hard Drive, or USB Removable device.
    • There may be more than one external hard drive or flash drive currently plugged into USB, so the Clickfree C6 may not appear in this list. Try disconnecting the other external drives from USB, restart your computer and try to access the boot menu again.
    • Depending on the computer manufacturer and the BIOS version, the Clickfree C6 may be named something different from the list above. Through process of elimination, try selecting the other devices in the list, to see if the computer boots from the Clickfree C6 drive.
    • If you're unable to access the Boot Menu; contact your computer manufacturer on how to perform this task.
    • Note: some computers are unable to boot from a USB device.
  6. If the boot from Clickfree C6 was successful, press the ENTER key to start Easy Fix
    • If no key is pressed, the computer will attempt to boot from the next available device (which is usually the internal hard drive that has your operating system installed on it)
  7. The computer will attempt to load the Linux operating system and launch the Clickfree Easy Fix software
  8. Once the Linux operating system completes loading, the Clickfree C6 Easy Fix software will load shortly after
    • Some computers may experience issues at this point, where the screen is stuck at this blue desktop. From the boot menu, instead of selecting USB CD-ROM, try selecting USB Hard Drive (or vice versa) as the computer is able to boot from either of Clickfree's drive. Not all computers are able to successfully boot from USB devices, so using Easy Fix may not be possible.

Using Easy Fix to re-image your computer

  1. Once the Clickfree Easy Fix software has loaded, click on the Advanced button
  2. Click on the Re-Image button
    • If no backups are detected, the Clickfree will not be able to perform a reimage
    • If no hard drives (or the incorrect amount of hard drives) are detected, the Clickfree will not be able to perform a reimage
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